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Katamari creator to design UK playground

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A few years ago you might recall a title by the name of Katamari Damacy. That title was created by Keita Takahashi, whom you may also remember telling the BBC that he was going to give videogames the backseat as he will start focusing on creating a children’s playground.

While that is true, and his upcoming park will be designed in Nottingham, UK, Takahashi still has some videogame thought tied in him.

During an exclusive talk with IGN at the Nottingham’s GameCity festival, Takahashi made it clear that videogames is still in his future plans pending the development success of his upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Nobi Nobi Boy.

"I haven't had too much time to think about it yet," explained Takahashi, "but there's the potential of making rides that are themed around Katamari Damacy or even Nobi Nobi Boy. I think that a Nobi Nobi Boy slide would be great."

Takahashi later went on to say that children today should spend more time in physical extra-curricular activities such as going outside to play rather than sitting in a room all day playing videogames. As for Nobi Nobi Boy, much speculation still surrounds the game for what it is really about.

However, we can only speculate that whatever the motive of the game is, it will be interesting indeed.