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Resistance: Fall of Man patch 6 details

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on 31 October 2007

Insomniac Games has outlined details on its latest update to hit Resistance: Fall of Man, patch 6, in addition to confirming that the company will be adding rumble functionality to the game for use with the new Dual Shock 3 pad.

Speaking in the firm’s latest podcast, Insomniac’s Rod McIntosh stated the latest patch would allow users to take screenshots, in addition to a number of gameplay tweaks, mostly related to weaponry.

“You can turn off the 40mm grenade, you can turn off the bullseye tag, you can create a private game that is password protected now”, said McIntosh.

He also added that the voice chat featured in custom games would allow players to communicate with anyone they desire, whether it is teammates, opponents or even spectators.

A full list of weapons balancing and other related updates can be seen below:


-Decreased range and firepower of the shotgun
-Increasing reload time on Rocket launcher
-Decreased speed and radius of explosion on rocket launcher
-Decreased radius of explosion from frag grenade
-Increased damage for Hedgehog grenades but less chances for one hit kills.
-Increased rate of fire on the Arc Charger, decreased damage of primary fire, secondary fire damage increased
-Clips Size of Arc Charger has been reduced
-Refire rate on Bullseye tags are slower


-Defender, Elite Soldier, Assassin medals will now record on every game type for ranked games.