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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock comes to PS Vita Tuesday

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on 6 October 2012

Fans of the Doctor will be pleased to learn that his latest console outing will soon be playable wherever they may be.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will join the ranks of PlayStation Vita titles on Tuesday, October 9. The game has received a great deal of developer attention in the months since its PSN release and Vita-specific features are now on offer. All of the game's puzzles have been retooled to work with the front touchscreen (if you so choose), as has much of the game's control. Swapping between traditional button-based controls and touchscreen functionality will be easy, as both have been smoothly integrated into The Eternity Clock at large.

The Eternity Clock will also support near and Cloud Save for an adventure that continues whether you're at home or away. Look for it when the PlayStation Store updates on October 9.