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Borderlands 2 patch v1.01 is now live

on 10 October 2012

Gearbox Studios has released the first patch update for its blockbuster first-person shooter role-playing game Borderlands 2.

Granted, the update doesn't cultivate as much ground as updates for titles like, say, Skyrim do, but this update still fixes some substantial issues. Here are the patch notes enclosed by Gearbox:

- Fixed an issue where a mission's level would sometimes reset to a lower level when loading a saved game.

- Fixed an issue with stacking skill icons not correctly refreshing in some cases.

- Fixed an issue where a client would sometimes hear a high-pitched distorted sound when respawning in a 4-player game.

- Fixed the player sometimes getting stuck on a long loading screen or infinite black screen when trying to travel quickly after entering some areas.

- Fixed red loot chests only spawning certain types of items.

- Corrected spawn rate of Michael Mamaril in Sanctuary.

- Fixed a bug where clients would occasionally crash when trying to join a server.

- Fixed some low framerate issues that would sometimes occur in splitscreen.

- Fixed a microphone icon sometimes showing up incorrectly for splitscreen players.

Along with this list, Gearbox also stated that it's still working on known issues in the game, so those issues you may be having are not going unnoticed. Check back at PSU.com for more update information as more updates are released.

Via Gearbox Forums