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Kayne & Lynch to release earlier than expected

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The Edios Interactive title, Kane & Lynch: Dead man now gained gold. Beyond that, the game is also scheduled to release a full week earlier that expected.

The third person action adventure shooter that is expected to be one of the more mature games of the year is now going to release November 14th, 2007 for the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360. The previous date was November 20th, 2007.

"We're excited to ship Kane & Lynch: Dead Men earlier than expected and get a jump on the holiday season," said Robert Lindsey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Eidos. "Kane & Lynch will offer something entirely fresh and unique in terms of narrative depth and character, but also as a next-generation action title."

Kane & Lynch is a story of violence as it is told through the eyes of a blemish mercenary and a psychopath. In Kane & Lynch, you will clash with a former employer of Kane, the 7, who has held his family at ransom. Additionally, players will be allowed to take control of the two characters at what appears to be an intense co-op experience through the story’s campaign. For the multiplayer junkies, there will be online multiplayer featuring up to eight players

Source: IGN