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PS3 price cut not likely for 2012, says analysts

on 17 October 2012

Sony is unlikely to slash the price of the PlayStation 3 this year, a number of industry analysts have said.

That’s despite increasing pressure from rival Microsoft, who formally announced a holiday price cut for the Xbox 360 yesterday.

However, Lewis Ward of IDC Research remains doubtful over a PS3 price cut for 2012 – and didn’t seem overly enthusiastic over the platform holder’s holiday sales either.

“Sony dropped their console prices $50 in 3Q11 so I don’t expect another price cut this holiday season. I don’t think Sony will have terrible game sales results this holiday season but I also won’t be surprised if they come in third when it’s all said and done,” he told GI.biz.

Not only that, but DWR Research’s PJ McNealy reckons a price cut wouldn’t have much impact on Sony’s fortunes anyway.

“The fundamental question for Sony right now is how many incremental PS3 units could they sell at this point in the cycle if they cut price now? My opinion is that it likely wouldn’t have a big impact for Sony this calendar year,” offered McNealy.

“Sony is trying to minimize losses right now after posting terrible financial results in the past year. I think the solutions for them right now are more focused on a slim PS3 with bundles.”

The increased on bundles is a sentiment also shared by Jesse Divnich of EEDAR, though Mike Hickey of National Capital Alliance reckons Sony is putting all its resources into the launch of PlayStation 4 next year.

“We expect there will likely be a PS4 next year, and I think that’s where they’re putting the majority of their resources,” said Hickey.

“If they cut the price now, they’ll just have to cut it again when they announce PS4. So maybe they are thinking ‘Let’s limp this through until the announcement’ and then they’ll do the next price cut similar to what Nintendo did with Wii in front of Wii U.”

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