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Eternal Sonata gets new content in PS3 version

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One of the better upcoming PlayStation 3 RPGs is already out on the Xbox 360. However that does not mean that PS3 owners will receive just another mere port. Instead, PS3 owners can expect their Eternal Sonata experience to be the same as the 360 owner’s, plus more!

When Eternal Sonata hits the PS3, owners of the console can expect a plethora of extra content to further enhance the experience. We’re not talking about your simple bonus content such as artwork, or new clothes, but something way beyond that. There is said to be a lot of extra content which include the ability to have characters Serenade and Prince Crescendo playable, which is not playable in the Xbox 360 build. Furthermore, there will also be new story sequences, possibly for the two characters. There is more content, but at the moment, these are the only ones that are known about.

Eternal Sonata is a uniquely driven RPG from developers’ tri-Crescendo and published by Namco Bandi. The game takes place in a dream world in which gamers are thrusted into what is called a “whimsical fantasy”. The game takes usage of a complex and combo-based battle system featuring swords and magic use. Beyond that, it is the plot and music that makes Eternal Sonata what it really is, one of the better RPGs to date.

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