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Ridiculous DualShock 3 deals arise from importers

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on 1 November 2007

Want to experience rumble with your PlayStation 3 games? It's simple, just find an appropriate website and import yourself a DualShock 3 controller from the Land of the Rising Sun.

In reality, it's not so simple. Importers aren't importing the controllers because they care about you, but because they want to make a quick buck (insert surprised gasps). National Console Support, an importer based in New York, warns consumers of ridiculous deals regarding the fancy new PS3 controllers. Our personal favorite: In order to obtain one DualShock 3, it is necessary to purchase PlayStation 3 40GB console.

We know that people with any common sense can avoid that blunder, but it might be wise to wait until demand subsides and the DualShock 3 actually comes out to make sure you can keep some extra dough in your wallet.

Source: ncsx