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EA Sports strike deal with F1's Hamilton?

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EA Sports look set to buy back the Formula One video game franchise after reportedly striking a deal with British driving ace Lewis Hamilton.

UK tabloid newspaper The Sun has reported that Electronic Arts has struck a deal with Hamilton, who finished 2nd in the World Championship in his rookie year, worth a whopping £5m (US$10.40m).

It goes on to say that the driver will be featured on "Xbox and PlayStations around the world next year."

It could be a shrewd move by EA with interest in F1 growing, especially in the UK, after Hamilton's remarkable first season, and the shortage of an F1 for the 2007 season.

The last F1 release came in the shape of F1 Championship Edition, although this gained relatively poor reviews.

EA Sports was supposed to be in charge of Formula One 2006, but Sony interrupted in the middle of production and development was ultimately continued by SCE Studio Liverpool, who has developed the last few games in the series.

Both EA and Sony are yet to make any comment, but has Sony finally lost its exclusive rights to F1?