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Tekken movie teaser poster revealed

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on 1 November 2007

A teaser poster for the upcoming film adaptation of Namco’s Tekken videogame series has surfaced on the Internet today, courtesy of website

The text above the gigantic “T” structure reads as follows:

After the Great Terror Wars, governments fell…

Seven corporations rose from the ashes to rule all men…

Together they were known as The Iron Fist…

The mightiest of which was…


Details are sketchy at present, though the storyline is said to focus on two childhood friends who enter a martial arts tournament, where they eventually unravel the many secrets of the mysterious Tekken Corp. The movie was first announced back in 2003, under production of Japanese firm Gaga Communications.

Elsewhere, also confirmed that Christophe Gans (of Silent Hill fame) is to begin shooting the Onimusha movie in spring 2008.

Source: Eurogamer