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ATLUS releases new Persona 4 Golden trailer for PS Vita

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on 23 October 2012

Atlus posted a trailer for the upcoming remake of Persona 4 for the PlayStation Vita called Persona 4: Golden showing off the diversity of the upcoming title.

From the long list of characters to dungeon crawling and even socializing, the Persona games have always been packed with things to do and consequences for doing them. Surely, Golden will be no exception as it graces the PS Vita next month. Though it's not a new title, this remake has the potential to bring more and more role-playing games, and other titles as well, to Sony's handheld. Until the game releases on Nov. 20, all we can do is wait and watch trailers, which is conveniently placed below. Are you excited for Persona 4: Golden?

Via Atlus's US Youtube page, Kotaku