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Folding@home recognised by Guinness World Records

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Sony Corp. has been officially recognised by the Guinness World Records this week for its facilitation of the Folding@home project.

Guinness has certified the project, which uses a combination of PS3 consoles and regular computers to help scientists study the effects of a process called “protein folding”,  as the world’s most powerful distributed computing system.

According to Sony, Folding@home recently surpassed the 1 petaflop milestone, while the well-known SETI@home project has topped out at only around 265 teraflops, or 265 trillion floating point operations a second

Although Stanford University created Folding@home, Sony is excited because a vast majority of the Folding@home users come from the PlayStation 3. Over 600,000 PS3 owners to date have signed up to be a part of the project.

To add Folding@home on your up-to-date PS3s, simply go to “Network” and the go down to Folding@home in which case it will download and install.