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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale final boss revealed?

on 29 October 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has PlayStations fans all over the world speculating on which characters will be included in the game.

Superbot Entertainment has been vague with details on the final boss. However, some hints have been given such as him being a mastermind that hails from the PlayStation One era.

Paul Gale, who originally leaked the game when it was first known as Title Fight, has posted a new photo up of him with Seth Killian, lead game designer at Sony Santa Monica Studio.


Notice anything odd? Well, there's a 15 year old redundant Sony Mascot on his shirt 'Polygon Man'.

It would make sense in relation to the story, as he could be taking each hero out of their respective game into the arena, highlighted in the reload trailers.

Looking even deeper there have been various unnoticed hints, for example on the official website all the floor and background are made up of blue polygons, as well as a stage.


Finally a YouTube user who had access to the beta files has uploaded two videos, highlighting the final boss's theme and his voice.

With all this evidence added together it's looking highly likely that Polygon Man will be the final boss.

Source: http://paulgalenetwork.com/home/2012...your-polygons/