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Burnout Paradise box art revealed

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In great anticipation for the upcoming release of Burnout Revenge, Electronic Arts of the UK has brought about a new boxart design for the title. The box art features a more artistic touch, which is different from previous Burnout box arts that featured cars crashing up against one another.

There is no word yet of this box art will be carried over to North America as well, or stay in the UK/Europe region.

Developed by Criterion Games and Published by Electronic Arts, Burnout Paradise is the fifth installment in what is already a well-known and respect franchise. In Burnout Paradise, players will be thrusted into the city known simply as, Paradise City. In this open and vast area, players will be able to free roam the city at their own pace as every spot can present a rewarding crash. Burnout Paradise is set to release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America Jan 08 with a European release following shortly in Q1 2008.