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Guardians of Middle-Earth: Agandaur and Ori join the fight

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on 2 November 2012

The latest video for Guardians of Middle Earth has revealed two new playable characters; Agandaur, a fallen Numenoran who now serves as the blood thirsty lituenant of Sauron and Ori, a dwarf with a love of books and the ability to use arcane powers of old.

Agandaur has the following abilities :
- Northern Bolt sends a stream of lighting that devastates all in its path
- Overcharge can build up energy and enhance the next attack
- Shockwave is an overcharge of lighting that covers a wide area were not many can escape its path

Ori has the following abilities :
- As It Is Written deals damage over time and marks his enemies, which allows his next ablity attack to be more powerful
- Dirge of Durin is extremely dangerous to marked enemies allowing them to be stunned to cause maximum damage

Both characters are slow burners and become crucial late in the game to due to their energy consumption.
Sixteen Guardians have been revealed thus far including favorites like Sauron, Nori, Legolas and Gandalf. The current roster of characters can be seen here.