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PS3 narrows Wii's lead in Japan

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on 2 November 2007

Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 console has continued to narrow the gap between itself and the Nintendo Wii in Japan, with the sell out ratio for both machines dropping from 6:1 to just 2:1 between June and October, respectively.

Nintendo sold through 110,415 Wii units in the four weeks ended October 28, with PS3 selling 47,183 units during the same period.

The increase in sales is most likely due to the introduction of a new price cut Sony employed last month, with the Japanese hardware manufacturer lowering the price of both its 20GB and 60GB machines by 5,000 and 54,980 yen each, respectively.

The 40GB PS3 will debut in the region on November 11, priced 39,980 yen.