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Sony's Chief Technical Officer jumps ship?

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on 2 November 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Technical Officer, Izumi Kawanishi, has allegedly moved on from the company following a series of internal discrepancies with SCE President, Kaz Hirai.

Kawanishi had previously worked with the company in a hardware capacity for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, in addition to his duties within the firm’s Network System Development Section, R&D Division.

However, according to reports from Kotaku insiders, Kawanishi has recently left SCE and gone on to join Sony Corporation. The report reads as follows:

“There was a little bit of a fight internally between Kawanishi-san and Kaz Hirai since SCEI has been pushing the PS3 as just a game console.”

It is assumed that Kawanishi had been in favour of marketing the console as a multimedia entertainment device, whereas Hirai’s philosophy, as stated,  has clearly focused on its abilities as a videogames console in recent months.

Source: Kotaku