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Guardians of Middle-Earth reveals Gothmog and Thrain

on 9 November 2012

The latest video for Guardians of Middle Earth has revealed two new playable characters -- Gothmog and Thrain.

Gothmog is a ruthless, fearless and confident leader of Orcs who is known for using fear inducing machines of war on his enemies. Meanwhile, Thrain is a dwarf exiled from his home and burning for revenge. His flexibility contrasts with his heavy damage output making him one of the most versatile characters during a fight.

Gothmog, a master strategist orc has the following abilities:
- War-Machine allows Gothmog to deal massive damage from a long range
- Black Land Banner draws enemy fire and lets team take advantage

Thrain, a rage fueled dwarf has the following abilities:
- Dwarven Valor increases resistance's and reduces the time of controlling effect's
- Durin's Wrath is a ranged attack which allows him to throw his hammer afar

Both characters are melee-focused character's dealing tons of damage as well as being true leaders.

Seventeen Guardians have been revealed thus far including favorites like Eowyn, Gollum, Ugluk and Gandalf. The current roster of characters can be seen here.