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Crytek to change things up with future Crysis titles

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on 12 November 2012

Crysis 3 developers Crytek have come out to reveal that there will be a Crysis game after Crysis 3 but it won't follow suit to be named Crysis 4.

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli told Eurogamer in an interview that there are plans to make a future Crysis game happen, but the company is very likely to take the franchise in a very different direction; so much so that naming it Crysis 4 would be misleading.

He explained that Crysis 3 is the end of Crysis but it isn't the end of the franchise, though  nothing has been set in stone yet as to where the franchise may or may not go. He added that if Crytek were to continue the path of development of Crysis 2 to Crysis, 3 then pre-production would have begun already.

It has been noted that Yerli has come out and said before that after current developments are complete, including Crysis 3 and Homefront 2 for THQ, that it will push F2P games. 

There are plans for Crysis to have a F2P version but as to when this will happen is still to be decided and may not be until several games down the line are completed.

With Crysis 3 hitting PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February 2013, where would you like Crytek to go from after Crysis 3? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Eurogamer