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TimeSplitters HD petition needs 300,000 signatures

on 14 November 2012

Crytek may consider releasing a TimeSplitters HD Collection providing it can amass 300,000 signatures via a fan petition.

While such a petition does exist, Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, told Game Informer that it has no drummed up enough support yet to warrant a HD package.

“If the petition picks up it will be an even better argument for us,” said Yerli.

Being a big fan of TimeSplitters 2, the executive said he’d like to see the series receive a HD update. However, he did concede that as a business decision it would be “difficult.”

"There's a very hardcore market that is very verbal about it. I would love to see this, and if the fan base approves a further petition. They're trying to call 300,000 voices, I think it's at two or three thousand right now. If they could get the petition together I would be very happy to put [it] in front of decision makers in the company, the key stakeholders, and say 'Look here. This is how it is, let's make it now.'"

TimeSplitters launched on PlayStation 2 back in 2000 and received two sequels: 2002’s TimeSplitters 2 and 2005’s TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. However, while a fourth game was announced back in 2007, the project ultimately never saw the light of day.

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