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Sony Exec hints at Blu-ray player price drops

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With HD DVD players on sale now for under $200, Sony has taken the opportunity to tease us with a future price drop for Blu-ray players as well.

With a 40GB PlayStation 3 console now being the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market, Sony will be dropping the prices on some of its standalone players to keep competition against HD DVD.

Stan Glasgow, president of Sony Electronics, mentioned at a media roundtable meeting in New York recently that he expected price drops to be around 20% during the holiday seasons. This drop will place most standalones around the same price as the 40gb system at $400.

While still priced much higher than its competition, this price drop will surely prompt more sales during the Christmas shopping season. Glasgow also mentioned that these players will be Profile 1.1 compliant, meaning that they will support Java functionality, which will be needed for more hi-def special features in upcoming Blu-ray titles.