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Sony confirms that 40GB PS3 chips are still 90nm

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There have been numerous reports suggesting that the new 40GB PlayStation 3 would be operating on a 65nm Cell processor with improved cooling capabilities, but an official statement has disproved them.

A spokesperson from Sony confirmed to Heise Online that the 40GB PS3 still uses the same 90nm Cell processors as all the other PS3 models, but does feature a better design that allows lower power consumption of 120 to 140 watts. This is in comparison to the 180 to 200 watts of older models. Sony is, however, is still planning to switch to the 65nm processors sometime in the future.

The 40GB PlayStation 3 model is Sony’s answer to the demand for a lower price point for the console. At $399, the 40GB model will feature all of the same features as the current 80GB model but minus the PS2 backwards compatibility, memory card slots and 2 USB ports. Additionally the 40GB PS3 will come bundled with the Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray which is one of the more sought after Blu-ray titles this holiday season. The 80GB version is available for $499.

Source: Engadget