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Skullgirls developer reforms as Lab Zero Games

on 21 November 2012

When Skullgirls launched it was met with praise among its critics for its attention to detail, quality characters and a play style that kept you coming back for more. Despite the fighting game impressing those who played it, Reverge Labs, the studio behind Skullgirls, sadly laid off the entire development team shortly after launch.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as the team has now opened its new website to announce that it has reformed as Lab Zero Games and will continue creating more quality games, as well as support more Skullgirls content.

The introduction on its website reads: “Forward-thinking and retro-minded, Lab Zero Games is an independent game development studio founded by the original team that brought you Skullgirls. Lab Zero intends to continue its critically-acclaimed work on Skullgirls as well as leverage its unique design and artistic sensibilities to develop new games.”

Autumn Games, the publisher of Skullgirls, has confirmed its backing for the new studio and Reverge says that they will work together on “the future on all Skullgirls-related endeavors, such as the just-released patch, more merchandise" and a few other things it's not quite ready to announce.

The news however isn't all good for Skullgirls fans. Due to the circumstances that have befallen the development team, there will be a delay with the PC version and the first planned DLC character. Reverge says it is doing everything it possibly can to resume working on the new content and we should hear more news shortly.

Stay tuned for more info and check out PSU's review of Skullgirls.