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Battlefield 3 patch to fix PS3-specific issues releasing this week

on 26 November 2012

DICE today announced that a new patch for its Frostbite Engine shooter Battlefield 3 will receive a patch which will assess a couple pressing issues specific to the PlayStation 3 version of the title.

 Set to release alongside the Aftermath expansion, the said patch will address the input lag that's been apparent in the PS3 version. On top of that, the audio dropouts that players have reported to DICE have also received fixes that will be part of this patch, which should iron out the performance experience just in time for the new expansion.

A few weapons are being tweaked as well, which mostly consist of accuracy and recoil changes, and the Gunship is also being rebalanced. Posted on the official Battlefield 3 forums, DICE goes into particularities which necessitated the change:

"We have now removed the gunship FLIR view (the position is still available, just not the black/white view) and decreased the damage radius of cannon explosions. This was done because of balancing reasons. Previously it was too easy for the gunner to get visual contact on enemy soldiers on the maps, and the splash damage is reduced to make it harder to kill infantry from the cannon seat."

The servers will be offline for a short time tomorrow in preparation for the new expansion, but an update should be ready for PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow, and it should release for PC no later than Dec. 4.

Via Eurogamer