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PS3 to surpass the Xbox 360 soon?

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For the first time ever Sony finds themselves as the underdogs in a battle in which they normally dominate, the videogame market. Since the launch of the Xbox 360 in November 2005, Microsoft set out on a mission and has not looked back since. The following year the PlayStation 3 launched but unlike the PlayStation 2 which quickly reached the #1 position, surpassing the Sega Dreamcast, the PS3 is facing a long and arduous road to the top spot.

In recent weeks, that bumpy road for the PlayStation 3 has started to pave up a bit as the sales of the PS3 has seen a drastic turn around. From August 2007-September 2007 the Xbox 360 was handing it to the PS3 on a large scale, especially with the introduction of the Xbox 360 Elite and the fan favorite, Halo 3. After those fazed a bit, the roles saw a huge reverse.

Now the PlayStation 3 is beginning to show surge in the European markets primarily due to the release of the 40GB PS3 console. Shorting after the release of the 40GB console, the PS3 rose from selling 5,000 units per week in September, to 12,000 plus units at the end of October. To get more in-depth, during the week ending October 28, VG Chartz has the PS3 outselling and out performing the 360 by 10% in the UK and by nearly 50% in the rest of Europe.

Please keep in mind now that this is largely due to the release of the 40GB console which saw a much needed and demanded price cut. Lets be serious, recently the PS3 has not released any AAA titles but yet the console saw this huge surge in sales. Just imagine how it will become once the PS3 releases Home, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, and Final Fantasy XIII in 2008? Then you add in the recent release of the 40GB PS3 in North American plus the new holiday campaign, and you have a nice recipe for success. Things are starting to slowly but surely look good for Sony and the PlayStation 3.