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Best DUST 514 moments, memes and fan-art - competition winners announced

on 27 November 2012

The winners of PSU’s DUST 514 community competition have been announced. PSU tasked readers to come up with creative ways to tells us about their best in-game moments so far from the beta phase of CCP Games’ MMOFPS. Other categories included best Dust memes and best Dust fan art.

The winners were chosen by CCP Games and those entries can be found below. If you’re a winner please head to this forum thread, follow the instructions and let us know your name and address so we can post out your prizes.

A huge thanks goes out to all those who entered.

Here’s the winners.

Best in game moments

Name: Timothy Reaper
Character name: SuperRoni

A sniper's job can be a lonely one. But you must never let your mind wander, because the potential for death is always a moment away. Even on the highest towers there is no guarantee of safety. Many clones have met their end in these isolated locations, but we always come back a little wiser.

Once, while keeping a watchful eye on objectives Alpha and Bravo, I heard a noise that many dread: The roar of a dropship's engines. As I watched the aircraft climb the tower I threw two anti-vehicle grenades. They had to be carefully primed, because homing capabilities had not yet been invented. The dropship's ascent slowed, then it fell, engulfed in flames.

I then resumed my watch. A sniper's job can be a lonely one. But you must never let your mind wander, because the potential for death is always a moment away...

Name: Relytray
Character Name: Relyt R

Relyt is a god of death. His trusty shotgun is his scythe, every trigger pull is another flirt with death. War and death are the only constants in Mordu’s trials, and Relyt is a dedicated dealer of the latter. One day in another of the endless battles, Relyt was sprinting through the complex in Skim Junction. Having spotted an enemy on the other side of the stairs, he leapt through the air and pulled the trigger. One corpse. The corpse’s friend then turned to him. Another trigger pull. Two corpses. He then sprinted out of the building onto a balcony to meet another man hiding behind a crate, a trigger pull. Three corpses. His friend turned and ran, another trigger pull. Four corpses. Relyt then turned the corner, spotted another meat-bag, and jumped off a ledge. Another trigger pull. Five corpses. Just the beginning of another day in Mordu’s trials.

Name: Nexhawk
Character name: Ner'Zul Nexhawk

Nexhawk gripped his repair tool and began restoring his Amarr squadmate’s heavy armor, which had been already reduced almost to ashes by seven enemies. However, soon his friend fell, and then Nexhawk dived and rolled under enemy bullets, sliding towards the body and plunging the syringe right into his comrade’s heart. The Heavy got up and killed several foes but fell on the ground once again, and again Nexhawk revived him. The same situation repeated one more time, and luckily enough, Amarr managed to kill the last two enemy mercs. When the fight died away, Nexhawk simply started repairing his comrade’s armor, not caring that his own armor level was extremely close to 0%. He turned on the micro-fans in his helmet, drying off the sweat from his face. That was close. “Just doing my job,” Nexhawk replied to his friend’s endless thanks and praises. “This is what Logistic medics are trained for.”

Best DUST memes

Name: Oposum
Character name: The Oposum


Name: Golthan
Character name: Nahtlog


Name: Eliquin
Character name: Hakomairos


Name: GhostRayne
Character name: S0UL PH0ENIX


Best DUST fan art

Name: Oposum
Character name: The Oposum