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Dust 514 - Server Swarm event offers 4 exclusive Skinweave dropsuits

on 30 November 2012

Jump into the DUST 514 battlefields on December 1st, between 19:00 and 23:00 UTC (2:00 PM to 6:00 PM ET) to take part in CCP's Server Swarm stress test event and earn yourself four permanent exclusive Skinweave dropsuits.

DUST 514 is Sony's upcoming free-to-play MMO FPS game which is currently in closed beta until early 2013 when it is expected to go into open beta. If you live in the EU and don't have access to the beta but would like a code come visit me in the forums and PSU will hook you up.

Before you go, check out the second vehicle developer diary which further elaborates on their role in DUST. Tanks, buggies and dropships play an important part in battle, whether you are piloting, supporting or destroying them.