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PlayStation All-Stars patch 1.02 scheduled for early next week

on 30 November 2012

SuperBot Entertainment released this evening the details for the first patch of its PlayStation mash-up PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The game has only been available at retailers for over a week, but it's already getting its first drastic change, as posted via SuperBot's Twitter page, and the changes affect Sackboy the most. Alongside that, many online issues that players have experienced are being alleviated. The full listing, as posted by Daniel "Clockw0rk" Maniago, Community Manager at SuperBot Entertainment, is as follows:

A new item, Medusa’s Gaze, has been added to the game
View Invites has been added to the Party Bar Menu
Voice chat icon added to loading screens
AI logic enhancements
Network performance improvements

-Issue where players were stuck with a different character than the one picked has been addressed
-Issue with matchmaking in regards to player skill has been addressed
-Overall improvements to network connectivity
Sackboy changes
-Level 1 Super - Increase cost from 100 to 150 AP
-Level 2 Super - Increase cost from 325 to 400 AP
-Level 3 Super - Increase cost from 600 to 750 AP
-Jam Session (Neutral Triangle) - Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 10 AP
-Cakeinator (Neutral Circle) - Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 20 AP

The list of changes isn't vast, but many of them fully intend on smoothing out the experience itself. Players who enjoy Sackboy may feel the sting a bit, but it's to be expected that SuperBot wouldn't "nerf" a character if it didn't need it.

Via SuperBot Entertainment