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Splinter Cell movie signs New Regency

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on 6 December 2012

New Regency has confirmed that it has signed on to produce the planned movie adaptation of Splinter Cell.

The project will star Tom Hardy as stealthy hero Sam Fisher, with screenplay provided by Eric Singer of The International Fame.

According to a Variety report, New Regency said that it will work closely with Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet on the film.

"With actor Tom Hardy attached and screenwriter Eric Warren Singer to write the script, Ubisoft Motion Pictures will lead the development with the support of New Regency to bring the franchise to the big screen in a dynamic way," said Baronnet.

"For Ubisoft Motion Pictures, creative control is key and New Regency shares our commitment to respecting the creative freedom of our team. Their ability to produce both blockbusters and intriguing indie hits is an ideal fit for the 'Splinter Cell' franchise."

In addition to its work on Splinter Cell, New Regency is also in line to produce the big screen adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, which features Michael Fassbender.

Stay tuned to for more details.