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God of War team 'still has more story to tell'

on 7 December 2012

Developers Sony Santa Monica has touched base on why the studio is still happy to pump out more God of War games.

According to studio director Shannon Studstill, the company still has plenty more story to tell within the GoW universe, though admitted there were ‘business reasons’ behind its continued support of the series too.

"I think for the single-player game, there were systems that we wanted to enhance. Not to diss God of War 3, as that was tough to go from PS2 to PS3, but our focus for God of War 3 was very tools and engine-focused. And now what we're trying to do is catch up a bit in terms of systems we wanted to improve upon,” said Studstill.

In addition, there is also the addition of multiplayer in the latest entry, God of War: Ascension, which she describes as a “completely different game.”

Elsewhere, Studstill remained coy over the subject of the PlayStation 3’s successor, codenamed Orbis.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said. “The PS3 is a very powerful machine, and we definitely feel like we’re taxing it, but it continuously surprises us.”

God of War: Ascension is due out exclusively on PS3 in March 2013.