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MGS4 takes Snake across continents

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The producers of Metal Gear Solid 4 have revealed that you'll be able to play as Snake around the world in the game, expected to be released in Q2 2008.

The trailer of the game sees the main character in what appears to be Middle East type scenery, but Ryan Payton, of Kojima Productions, has said that MGS4 will be set up across four or five different locations.

Although the core of the action will take place in the Middle East, he stated that you will also be able to play in South America and Eastern Europe as you progress through the game.

No plot has yet been confirmed, and the best Payton could offer was to say that you'll start the game in the Middle East and then progress into Eastern Europe.

Metal Gear Solid 4, titled Guns of the Patriots on PS3, brings a totally new concept and situation from previous games and promises to provide the toughest missions ever devised.