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Universal not supporting Blu-ray anytime soon

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For anyone who has followed PlayStation Universe’s coverage of Blu-ray would understand just how much the format is dominating the market over HD-DVD.

It seems as if every other day some type of retailer or studio is announcing their full 100% allegiance to the Blu-ray format. In a sense, it is like a forgone conclusion that Blu-ray will or possibly has already one this format war. Not to jump to conclusions however, we will just give it more time before the victor is declared.

With that being said, there is always the spoiler that has to put a damper on things. In this situation, that nod goes to Universal. In an interview with, Universal executive, Ken Graffeo, revealed that they have no plans on supporting Blu-ray.

“We want to be able to market all the great things HD DVD can offer consumers. We couldn’t do this if we split our resources on two formats, hedged our bets and had to avoid over promoting features on one format so we wouldn’t undercut the other format. HD DVD allows us to provide the type of quality and truly next generation experiences we need to get consumers to migrate from DVD.”

He later went on to downsize the PlayStation 3’s ability to play Blu-ray DVDs by saying, “70% of gamers don’t even know that their console has a DVD playback option." Graffeo then further added that HD-DVD players this holiday season will be as low as USD 199 assuming that a lower price should make consumers purchase a HD-DVD player over a Blu-ray player. Graffeo concluded: "the PS3 simply hasn’t been the gamer changer Sony had hoped it would be."

There isn’t much that can be done except to point out the numbers of Blu-ray over HD-DVD. Hopefully as Blu-ray becomes more successful, maybe Universal will take a different stance on the situation.