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Million dollar advertising campaign planned for Uncharted

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Sony is expecting huge things from the PlayStation 3 this holiday season. Both the 80GB PS3 and 40GB PS3s are doing well to propel the number of PS3 units sold worldwide to over 5 million. However hardware alone is not enough to sell itself, the hardware will need tope grade software to keep things fresh and ostentatious.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is expected to be one of the PlayStation 3’s flagship games heading into this holiday season. Proving that is recent moves by Sony to insure that the right demographic knows about and understands the game.

Sony Europe is planning a million dollar marketing blitz for Uncharted as reported by UK trade magazine, MCV.

Phil Lynch, Sony Product Manger commented that they have "booked extensive 16 to 34 male slots for November and December."

These ads will be featured on television as well as in the movie theaters with the focus being primarily on the games. That is not all, Empire Magazine will feature Uncharted’s main character, Nathan Drake, in a feature called “Every Man: Heroes. With this sort of backing along with the online ads, there is no reason why Uncharted should prove to be one of the bigger games this holiday season.

Developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony, Uncharted is an adventure game with many search and exploration aspects built into it. The story puts gamers in the shoes of Nathan Drake, a modern day fortune hunter whom becomes stranded on a remote island after trying to explore the treasure of El Dorado. Drake is not alone on the island however, as mercenaries and other obstacles of all sorts’ tries to post-pone any plans that Drake may have of getting off the island alive.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is set to release on the PS3 exclusively in North America on November 20th, Australia November 9th, and Europe in November.

Source: PS3fanboy