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North American PSN Update; Dec. 11, 2012

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on 12 December 2012

This week's PlayStation Store update is now live and ready to access. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Rochard join the Instant Game Collection this week, so head right in and download two more free games care of PlayStation Plus.

Enjoy this week's PlayStation Store update!

PS3 Full Games


Ben 10 Omniverse ($39.99)

ESRB: E10+ – Everyone 10 and Up // File Size: 2.8 GB


PSN Games


Big Sky Infinity ($9.99) – Cross Buy with PS Vita

ESRB: E – Everyone // File Size: 664 MB

Black Knight Sword ($9.99)

ESRB: M – Mature // File Size: 762.8 MB

Judge Dee: The City God Case ($7.99)

ESRB: T – Teen // File Size: 321.8 MB

Mix Superstar ($9.99)

ESRB: E – Everyone // File Size: 212.1 MB


PS Vita


Big Sky Infinity ($9.99) – Cross Buy with PS3

ESRB: E – Everyone // File Size: 664 MB


PS2 Classics


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ($14.99)

ESRB: M – Mature // File Size: 4.2 GB


PlayStation Plus

Instant Game Collection


-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition


Last Chance (Leaving on 12/18)


-Discount – Sorcery

-Discount – Puddle (PS3)

-Discount – Puddle (PS Vita)

-Instant Game Collection – Rochard


PS3 Demos (Free)


Black Knight Sword ($9.99)

ESRB: M – Mature // File Size: 762.8 MB

Mix Superstar

ESRB: E – Everyone // File Size: 212.1 MB


PS Vita Demos (Free)


Uncharted: Fight for Fortune

ESRB: T – Teen //File Size: 277.1 MB




-Beatshapers Indie Minis – PS Mini (now: $2.99 original price: $6.99)

-Class of Heroes – PSP (now: $7.49 original price: $14.99)

-Price Drop: Tiger Woods 13 Bonus Edition – PS3 (now: $39.99 original price: $59.99)


PS3 Add-ons


Assassin’s Creed III

-Language Pack – Brazillian Portuguese (Free) — Download the Language Pack – Brazilian Portuguese to add this language to your Assassin’s Creed III audio and subtitle options. After downloading the pack go to the “Options” menu, select “Languages” and select “Spoken Language” or “Subtitles Language” and change to “Brazilian”.

-The Hidden Secrets ($4.99 – Public Release) – Assassin’s Creed III’s Hidden Secrets Pack adds an extra 3 missions, taking you from the Lost Mayan Ruins to the high seas. Each success is rewarded with an in-game weapon! You’ll also receive 2 single-player skins including the the Captain of the Aquila and the traditional Colonial Assassin and 2 multiplayer characters including the Red Coat and the Sharpshooter.

Battlefield 3

-Aftermath ($14.99 – Public Release) – Rise from the ashes, rebuild your forces and fight for supremacy amongst shattered streets and buildings across 4 earthquake ravaged maps.

Borderlands 2

-Collector’s Edition Pack ($4.99) – Outfit the character of your choice with new heads and skins in the Collector’s Edition Pack. This pack also includes the Contraband Sky Rocket Grenade.

-Creature Slaughter Dome ($4.99) – Enter the Creature Slaughter Dome and face off against the toughest monsters in all of Pandora. Your efforts will not be in vain. Gain experience and gear to bring back into the main game. Endure the battle, and you will receive numerous rewards, including Moxxi’s Rocket Launcher.


-Dunwall City Trials ($4.99) 

Lego Lord of the Rings

-Middle Earth Pack 1 ($1.99) 

-Middle Earth Pack 2 ($1.99) 

-Weapon and Magic Items ($2.99)

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

-Naughty Costume Set ($4.99) – The Naughty Costume Set Contains: Teddy Krubear Jason Pawhees Paradise Island Chainsaw Massacre Pennybear Ghostfacebear Batbear

-Naughty Weapon Set ($4.99) – Naughty Weapon Set comes with: Freddy Krubear Gardening Gloves with exciting new Ultra Kill, Massacring Chainsaw with brutal new Ultra Kill, Sqeaky Mallet, Stabby the Knife and The Mjolnpaw Hammer.

-Totally Naughty Set ($6.99) – All the costumes and weapons Naughty Bear needs to take his revenge on the bears of Paradise Island.

Rock Band 3 – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing song game tracks. For music credits, visit

-Possum Kingdom ($1.99) – Toadies

-Away ($1.99) – Toadies

-Tyler ($1.99) – Toadies

-Toadies Pack 01 ($5.49) – Toadies

-28 Days (RBN 2.0) ($0.99) – Mafia Track Suit

-Betrayed (RBN 2.0) ($0.99) – Musica Diablo

-No Ghost (RBN 2.0) ($1.99) – The Haunted

-Trenches (RBN 2.0) ($1.99) – The Haunted

-On The Run (RBN 2.0) ($1.99) – Emerald


-How You Remind Me By Nickelback ($2.99)

-Nickelback Song Pack (Store Bundle) ($7.99)

-Rockstar By Nickelback ($2.99)

-Bottom’s Up By Nickleback ($2.99)

Worms Revolution

-Medieval Tales ($4.99) 


PS3 Themes


-Call Of Duty: Black Ops II – Aftermath Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Arizona Cardinals Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Atlanta Falcons Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Baltimore Ravens Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Buffalo Bills Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Carolina Panthers Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Chicago Bears Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Cincinnati Bengals Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Cleveland Browns Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Dallas Cowboys Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Denver Broncos Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Detroit Lions Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Green Bay Packers Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Houston Texans Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Indianapolis Colts Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Miami Dolphins Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Minnesota Vikings Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: New England Patriots Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: New Orleans Saints Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: New York Giants Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: New York Jets Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Oakland Raiders Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Philadelphia Eagles Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: San Diego Chargers Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: San Francisco 49ers Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Seattle Seahawks Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: St. Louis Rams Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Tennessee Titans Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-NFL: Washington Redskins Dynamic Theme ($2.99)


PS3 Wallpapers

-Derrick The Deathfin Wallpaper Four


Available In-Game Only (Not on PlayStation Store)


Mix Superstar

-Alternative Loop Pack ($3.99)

-Brazil Loop Pack ($1.99)

-Chillout Loop Pack ($3.99)

-Drum & Bass Loop Pack ($3.99)

-Electro Loop Pack ($2.99)

-Funk Loop Pack ($3.99)

-Garage Loop Pack ($3.99)

-Hip Hop 2 Loop Pack ($5.99)

-House Loop Pack ($4.99)

-Latin Loop Pack ($1.99)

-Live Loop Pack ($4.99)

-Nuskool Loop Pack ($4.99)

-Old School Loop Pack ($4.99)

-Pop Loop Pack ($5.99)

-Progressive Loop Pack ($3.99)

-R&B Loop Pack ($3.99)

-Reggae Loop Pack ($2.99)

-Tech House Loop Pack ($3.99)

-Techno Loop Pack ($5.99)

-Trance Loop Pack ($4.99)

-Trip-Hop Loop Pack ($2.99)

-World Loop Pack ($2.99)

Real Steel Trial

-Free Package 4 (Free) – Additional downloadable content package for Real Steel.

Rock Band 3

-Possum Kingdom (Pro Guitar) ($0.99) – Toadies

Big Sky: Infinity

-Starbits 300000 (PS3) – ($0.99)

-Starbits 300000 (PS Vita) – ($0.99)

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