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The Connecticut killer and his videogames connection

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on 16 December 2012

Some media reporters are putting two and two together and making five, speculating wildly and suggesting that videogames were partly to blame for the killing of 20 children and six adults in Connecticut on Friday.

20-year-old Adam Lanza shot his mother before heading to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing the young children before turning the gun on himself. Kotaku first pointed out the connection between the murders and the fact that Lanza was a gamer, and others have jumped on board, including U.K. radio station, Radio WM, who this morning spoke about how Lanza played violent videogames. The radio show sensationalised the connection between Lanza’s gaming habits by exaggerating videogame violence, saying that “most videogames reward you for creative kills,” which is totally untrue.

At this point, everyone is looking for a reason as to why a person could carry this heinous crime, but to jump on the violent videogames bandwagon once more is plain ridiculous. Someone should conduct research to find out what the gamer to killer ratio actually is. I think they’ll find that most these people are mentally disturbed, not gamers.