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Parents confiscate PlayStation, child hires hitman

When Shannan and Joey Trojano realized that their 16-year-old son wasn’t getting good grades in high school they did what most parents do - they grounded him for weeks, banned him from watching TV and the most important part, confiscated his PlayStation 3.

Perfectly reasonable, correct? Well, apparently not so for Corey, who instead decided to have his parents killed by hiring a hitman. However, unbeknownst to him, his mother was in turn organizing a sting operation, which involved a police officer posing as the contract killer.

“Two bullets is all it takes,” is what Cory is alleged to have said. He offered his stepfather’s new truck as payment for killing his parents.

Mrs Trojano left Cory’s father when he was a little more than a year old, but by the time she remarried, her son’s behavior was getting steadily worse. He walked out of lessons in middle school, smashed fire extinguisher cases, and then broke into the county fairgrounds where he vandalized property. A judge sentenced his parents to attend no less than 36 meetings with the authorities about his behaviour.

Now, a judge has ruled that he should be tried as a juvenile, which means that he can’t be held past his 21st birthday. Mrs Trojano wanted him tried as an adult where he would of faced a much longer sentence. “He needs to understand what he did was wrong. I’m scared to death that if this kid is serious, and they put him in a three-month program, they’re going to release him to the street.”

If you ever get your PlayStation taken away by your parents then it’s obviously for a good reason. You may not appreciate it and this may sound cliché, but you should be thanking them.

Source: Timesonline.co.uk

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