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Demon's Souls heading to PSN

on 3 January 2013

The hit PlayStation exclusive action RPG Demon's Souls is heading to the PlayStation Network next week, Atlus today announced. The critically acclaimed title--literally, we loved it--will cost $19.99 USD and release digitally on Jan 8.

New to the Souls games? You are in for a treat, especially if you like challenging games. From Software puts players to the test as they fight through an unforgiving world full of demons (get it?) and giant bosses. Demon's Souls is the spiritual predecessor to Dark Souls, although Dark Souls is not a direct sequel.

In celebration of Demon's Souls digital release on PSN, Atlus is hosting a World Tendency Event for one week starting on Jan 8. and ending on Jan. 14. The servers will be set to Pure White. This means the world will include a number of changes, including an overall easier difficulty setting with enemies having lower HP, attack power, and defense. Servers are up and running and have no planned time to end.