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WipEout unlikely to return, says ex-series dev

on 7 January 2013

Sony’s futuristic racing franchise WipEout is unlikely to make a comeback following the closure of Liverpool Studio last year.

That’s according to an ex-developer of the popular series, which has remained a tent pole franchise for PlayStation platforms since its debut in 1994.

Prior to its closure, SCE Liverpool Studio was rumored to have been working on a new WipEout title for Sony’s next-generation console, codenamed Orbis. However, according to a VG247 interview with Nick Burscombe, this is unlikely to materialise.

Quizzed if we'll see a new title, Burscombe replied: "Who knows? Sony keep things pretty tight regarding plans, but my honest answer is probably not, even though I’d hope so. I’d love to see Sony experiment with some of its IP across other platforms – maybe that’s the ‘Psygnosis’ in me. If I had the chance – I’d love to bring something like Wipeout to iOS.”

"I’d want to go freemium to reach as wide an audience as possible, and then hit them with something utterly spectacular," he added.. "There’s so many ways to monetise a game like Wipeout I think it could be a great success – the trick is to keep the costs under control if you know you’re going to have more of a hardcore following. I think the fans of the franchise deserve another chance to put themselves into that Zen-like state and be at one with it."

The final WipEout title to see release was for PlayStation Vita in the shape of WipEout 2048 last year. Developer Liverpool Studio originally started out life as Psygnosis before being purchased by Sony back in 1993.