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Reminder: Demon's Souls hits PSN today, includes pure white tendency event

on 8 January 2013

Demon's Souls will be available today through the PlayStation Network, and with the digital release comes a weeklong pure white tendency event. The game was released as a PlayStation exclusive through Atlus and developer From Software. While its spiritual successor--Dark Souls--may be more popular, it's a critically acclaimed action-RPG that will test your gaming abilities and mental endurance. It comes highly, highly recommended by the folks here at PSU.

Not too long ago it sounded like the Demon's Souls servers would be shut down for good, but perhaps the news of Dark Souls II has fueled requests to keep people playing together through the game's innovative online components.

So what's all this pure white tendency business? Unlike Dark Souls, Demon's Souls uses a central hub--the Nexus--where players can venture out to quest in several different levels. Levels change from white to black in a relatively complex system. All you need to know is that pure white is pretty uncommon and it results in an easier overall difficulty as enemies have lower HP, attack power and defense. Players will also get more health drops. This event runs from Jan. 8 through Jan. 14, so take advantage while you can.