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NA PlayStation Store launching on web browsers in January

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on 10 January 2013

Announced earlier today at CES 2013, Sony will be launching a web version of the North American PlayStation Store before month's end.

Sony Entertainment Network COO Shawn Layden shared the info with CNET, while affirming that (eventually) users will be able to make purchases and queue up content via the web store to remotely download on PlayStation 3. No word yet on whether the same feature will apply to PlayStation Vita or other Sony gaming devices.

The CNET conversation quickly meanders to the success and future of Music Unlimited, but Layden also mentioned that the previous PlayStation Store design, which remained largely unchanged for six years, was a source of frustration for the company.

PSU will have more information on the North American PlayStation Store web browser when it launches later this month, including our opinion on the service. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what else Sony could do to improve the PlayStation Store experience for you.