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David Cage: 'Sequels kill creativity'

on 11 January 2013

Sequels are putting a strain on creativity within the videogames industry, says David Cage.

Speaking to OPM UK, the Heavy Rain creator and co-founder of Quantic Dream argued that gamers are encouraging publishers to “keep making the same game every Christmas, and everybody’s happy.”

“Many people want the same and if that’s what you offer them, they will gladly buy it,” he said. “The result is very simple. Gamers invest money in publishers having no interest in innovation.”

Cage, of course, has become well-known for breaking these conventions. Instead of churning out sequels, Quantic Dream has specialized in offering original ideas such as Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, neither of which received a follow-up.

“We don’t give people what they expect. We want to give them something they want without knowing they want it.”

Cage is currently developing the company’s next PlayStation 3-exclusive project, Beyond: Two Souls, which is due out at some point this year.