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Velocity Ultra announced for PS Vita

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on 11 January 2013

One of the best PlayStation Mini titles, Velocity, is getting the PlayStation Vita treatment.

Developer Futurlab, who recently signed an exclusivity agreement with Sony, posted a countdown at FanPoweredFlight which pointed towards a new title. This is Velocity Ultra, an enhanced version which makes use of the extra power and functionality that a PS Vita iteration can offer over its predecessor (Minis were designed for PSP).

This updated version runs at the PS Vita's native resolution and has extra effects which were missing in the original. It also makes use of the Vita's PSN integration by including online leaderboards and Trophies. Some may be disappointed at the fact that it isn't a sequel but the PS blog post does contain a questionnaire relating to any potential sequel.

There's no release date as of yet but Futurlab is aiming at an April/May launch. Velocity Ultra will be releasing exclusively on PS Vita, and if you want a sequel, well, you know what to do.