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Take-Two still shy on GTA IV release date

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on 7 November 2007

Publisher Take-Two has gone on record to state that the company will not divulge a firm release date for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV until it is “convinced” the game is ready.

“We're going to give a firm date when we are utterly convinced that we have it and that isn't right now”, commented Take-Two Chairman, Strauss Zelnick, at yesterday’s BMO Capital Markets conference.

“We know it's highly anticipated. Right now our view is to put out a high quality title and we're not in the business of disappointing investors."

The company announced in August that the game would be released in Q1 2008, having originally been slated for release in October this year.

Zelnick also played down suggestions that the delay past Christmas would have an adverse effect on the games sales, adding, “I think there was a concern initially when we slipped that we missed the boat in terms of Christmas but I think that concern has been alleviated.

"I think most people see it as okay. Hardware penetration is going to grow over Christmas and because this is a must-have title it's probably okay that we're not selling it in the Christmas season," he concluded.

Stay tuned for more information GTA IV as soon as it becomes available.