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Rumor: PS4 to ditch the DualShock pad design

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on 18 January 2013

The DualShock controller will finally be retired with the launch of Sony’s next-generation PlayStation console, codenamed Orbis.

That’s according to the chaps at CVG, citing a senior games studio source who is currently beavering away on an upcoming Sony title. According to the source, the PS4’s controller has undergone numerous design changes, few of which resemble the iconic DualShock.

Sony’s R&D department has apparently been experimenting extensively with the new pad, with some prototypes featuring biometric sensors on the grips and an LDC touchscreen.

Furthermore, another source claimed that PlayStation engineers are “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita.” What does this mean exactly? Well, CVG speculates that it refers to the handheld’s touchscreen functionality, and that Sony plans to integrate its home consoles and portable devices more tightly.

Rumors pertaining to Sony’s new console have been heating up since 2013 kicked off. The latest reports point towards a pre-E3 reveal for the console, and that it will be released alongside the new Xbox in November 2013.

Stay tuned to for more details as we get them.