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Skyrim DLC confirmed for PS3 in February, all three packs at 50% discount

on 18 January 2013

At long last, all three downloadable content packs for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be coming to PlayStation 3. And we never thought this day would come.

The news arrives courtesy of the official PlayStation Blog, where Bethesda Softworks Global Community Lead Matt Grandstaff confirms that Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard will launch simultaneously for PS3 shortly following the 1.8 title update. In a bid to restore faith with PS3 users, Bethesday will be offering a 50% discount on each pack for a one-week period post-release. Here's how the prices will break down:

Dawnguard - $20, discounted to $10
Hearthfire - $5, discounted to $2.50
Dragonborn - $20, discounted to $10

All things told, the entire sum of Skyrim DLC (up to this point) will cost PS3 users $22.50 during the first week of release, which is still unknown - Grandstaff says that the precise release dates are still being nailed down for Sony's many territories. Regardless, you can expect Skyrim's expansion content to finally (finally!) drop in North America on any given Tuesday (or Wednesday, for the UK) in February.

The legacy of Bethesda's treatment (or lack thereof) of Skyrim on PS3 is well-documented. Frankly, the concurrent release of all three packs next month comes as a bit of a surprise.

So, the time has come to sound off and make your voice heard. Is Bethesda's 50% discount too little, too late? Do you still care about Skyrim and additional content? Is the developer/publisher back in your good graces? Let us know in the comments below.