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PS4 to be released after Xbox 720, hints Sony boss

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on 21 January 2013

The successor to the PlayStation 3 may not be released until after the Microsoft’s Xbox 720 hits store shelves, Sony overlord Kazuo Hirai has hinted.

Speaking during an interview with The Times in regards to console release windows, the executive said, “why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Reports on the timing of PlayStation 4’s release have been a mixed bag, with some claiming it won’t be released until early 2014, while others suggest a late 2013 launch. Xbox 720 is believed to hit stores this year, however.

Both consoles have yet to be announced by their respective platform holders, though it is widely believed we’ll hear something by the time E3 comes knocking. In fact, PS4 is rumored to be getting a formal unveiling in just a matter of weeks.

It has also been reported that Sony plans on ditching its iconic DualShock design for the PS4's controller.

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