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THQ bidding war commences

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on 22 January 2013

Today is one of those days that could mark a significant change in the presence that THQ holds and the games industry as a whole. The bidding war over the company's assets is due to commence shortly, and with Ubisoft, EA and Warner Bros among others all showing interest in THQ's franchises, it could be a piecemeal over all its current stable of games.

Though it could still come out as a single entity, nobody knows the true outcome of the events that might unfold. One major publisher could buy THQ right out and leave it to bring the great games inbound this year, which include South Park: Stick of Truth, Metro Last Light and the great hint of the brand new Saints Row towards the end of the year. On the flip side, the worst case scenario could come about with each game/studio sold off piece by piece.

Whatever the outcome it will certainly rattle the games industry and bring about a significant change.

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