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The Last of Us 'Joel' and 'Ellie' special editions revealed and open for pre-orders

on 22 January 2013

Word on special editions of Naughty Dog's 2013 post-apocalyptic epic The Last of Us has been scarce. Today, we can share with you the first official details on two such packages, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

The 'Joel' and 'Ellie' Editions of The Last of Us are now available for pre-order, and will launch alongside the regular retail copy in Europe on May 7. Both editions offer individual arrays of goodies that, while mostly identical, do differ slightly. These differences are mostly cosmetic; the Joel Edition features packaging based on Troy Baker's rugged middle-aged survivor, while the Ellie Edition prominently features Ashley Johnson's diminutive dependent. Each character's face adorns a Screen Print Effect Poster in his or her respective edition, while a LittleBigPlanet Sackboy skin and physical DualShock 3 controller skin are similarly character-specific.

Beyond that, the extras are the same. Each special edition includes a mini artbook and mini comic, exclusive DLC, and a canvas wrap for towing the entire package. The DLC on offer is extensive; the Sights & Sounds Pack features a dynamic XMB theme, a digital download of the game's soundtrack, and two exclusive PSN avatars, while the Survival Pack ensures you'll begin the multiplayer game with extra experience points, a melee attack booster, extra currency, and customization items. The Survival Pack also includes two skins for Joel and Ellie, which will be usable after the single-player campaign is first completed.

For now, both editions are only confirmed for European release. The Ellie Edition is available for pre-order exclusively through GAME, while the Joel Edition can be purchased via Tesco "& Independents".

If all that info was a lot to soak in, peep the images below for a full glimpse at the 'Joel' and 'Ellie' Editions. Then, sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on each. Would you pre-order either? Which edition catches your eye more?

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