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Rumor: Singularity in works at Quantic Dream for PS4

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on 23 January 2013

A recent domain registration has indicated that Quantic Dream, the developer behind the critically-acclaimed Heavy Rain, is working on a new project for Sony’s next-generation console.

Unearthed by Superannuation, was registered back in November 2012 and is directly linked to Quantic Dream.

If that wasn’t enough to get tongues wagging, we should also point out that the domain name falls in line with previous filings by the company. Quantic Dream always registers its projects by name and intended platform (see for Heavy Rain and for Beyond).

It is well known at this point that the celebrated studio is currently working on two projects: Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 3, and a mysterious second title, which we now assume to be the mysterious Singularity.

Given that Raven Software previously releasd a title known as Singularity a few years back however, we can assume the title is simply a codename.

Interestingly, Quantic Dream head honcho David Cage previously expressed his admiration for the book ‘Singularity is Near’ by author Ray Kurzweil around the time of the Kara PS3 tech demo.

We’ll have more info on Quantic Dream’s future plans as they break.