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New web-based PlayStation Store now available in North America, Brazil

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on 24 January 2013

PlayStation users now have a new way to access their online store thanks to a web-enabled PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network. Sony Computer Entertainment America made the announcement today that the new online store is available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. It allows users to purchase games, movies, TV, and more through the web.

This new online store gives user and easy way to browse the store's integrated catalog of gaming goodness, including add-on content, downloadable games, and other media.

Content you purchase in the new online store from a PC (including Mac or Windows) is added to you My Downloads section within the PS Store. You can then download games and other content directly to your PS3, PS Vita, or PlayStation Portable systems. You can also purchase and watch TV episodes and movies remotely on your PC via Media Go, or on Sony Xperia smartphones and tables.

Sony said in a statement today that this move is part of an on-going initiative of redesigning the various device user experiences. Look for SEN to update the PS Store with more features and improved usability and convenience for finding and purchasing content.

The future will include the addition of advanced recommendation functionality and automatic remote download of purchased content, along with mobile phone and tablet browsing.

European territories had first dibs at this new online stores in December 2012. You can check out the new store here. You can now also add funds to your SEN account via PayPal.